Please, do not send emails to multiple addresses.


Promotion/production/gig/show/event offers: info[at]

We will need following info:

    > Basic artist info
    > Official website
    > Youtube link
    > Available dates
    > Fee, arangement,...

Please note that we receive lot of requests every day and we will reply and accept only serious and reasonable offers. If you don't get our feedback means - we are not available on wished date, we are overbooked in requested period, your email fall into junk mail, we cannot afford you, your description or work didn't find place in our hearts ;-) etc.


Booking bands from our roster: booking[at]

We will need following info:

    > Name of the artist, you want to book
    > Prefered date
    > Alternative date, if possible
    > Venue/festival/event name
    > Venue/festival/event homepage
    > Basic description of the Venue/festival/event
    > Budget/fee offer




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